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Photoluminescent Door Frame MarkerSafe Glow door frame marker

Safe Glow® photoluminescent door frame markers are constructed of tough extruded polyethylene with a high loading of high performance photoluminescent pigment. They are designed to be easy to install and tough enough to last for many years without degradation - unlike tape solutions.

When smoke forces occupants of your building to their knees to find clear air to breath, locating emergency stairwell doors can become difficult and confusing. Photoluminescent door frame markers identify critical egress doorways as different than all others passed before.

Safe Glow photoluminescent door frame markers surpass the performance requirement established by UL 1994 for low-level mounted products. They are charged by ambient light and glow for many hours when lighting is lost.

Safe Glow’s photoluminescent door frame markers feature:

Safe Glow high performance photoluminescent door frame marker. 20 foot roll with 3M VHB adhesive backing.


Performance: View chart

Dimensions: 1-1/8” W x 5/32” T x 20 ft. L

Installation: Sides and top of exit doorways

Weight: 2 Lbs (20 ft. roll)

Mounting: Self stick 3M VHB backing

Model: SDFM-01

Price $245.00 ea

20 ft. roll of door frame marker Click to view large image