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Photoluminescent Emergency LightingSafe Glow photoluminescent emergency lights

Fail-safe emergency lighting in existing fixtures: without electricity, without batteries and without maintenance.

Safe Glow® photoluminescent emergency lights use the power of high performance photoluminescent pigments to provide up to 30 minutes of soft green light (similar to moonlight), bright enough to enable building occupants to navigate around obstacles and make their way to safety when the lights go out unexpectedly.

Photoluminescent emergency lights are fail-safe - unlike backup generators or battery backup systems that have a habit of failing when called upon. Our photoluminescent emergency lights never fail - and we mean never!  If the light fixture is on and working before the power goes out, our photoluminescent emergency lights will shine and perform their intended task flawlessly - every time year after year for up to 25 years.

Installation is simple – just open the diffuser of your fluorescent fixture and place the photoluminescent emergency lights in close proximity to the bulb - the brighter the light the better they glow.  Strong magnets hold them in place.

Safe Glow Photoluminescent Emergency Lights feature:

We recommend that four (4) Safe Glow photoluminescent emergency lights be installed per 100 sq ft of floor space for maximum performance. Individual installations my require fewer or additional light bars to be installed based on interior surface reflectivity, furniture or equipment color and ceiling height.

Code Compliance

Safe Glow photoluminescent emergency lights are not intended as a replacement to code compliant electrical or battery backed emergency light systems, but rather as a fail-safe complement to these systems. They are well suited for use in individual offices, conference rooms, restrooms, corridors, stairwells, and storage or file rooms - any interior area where loss of light will impact life-safety.

Safe Glow Photoluminescent Emergency Lights


Performance: View chart

Dimensions: 22” long x 2” wide x 5/16 thick

Operating Life: 25 years

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Installation: Install inside fluorescent light fixture

directly next to the bulb, held in place by strong magnets

Quantity: 2 emergency lights per package

Model: HPEL-01

Price :$206.00 per pkg

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Click to view large image