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Industry Leading System For Emergency Egress

Safe Glow® takes your responsibility for the safety of those in your building seriously. That's why we manufacture products that deliver the highest level of life safety for emergency egress. From UL 924 listed photoluminescent (glow in the dark) exit signs and innovative photoluminescent emergency lighting, to low-level products that exceed the 2009 and 2012 NFPA Life Safety 101 and ICC Building Codes.

Safe Glow manufactures products that provide fail-safe performance and comprise an impressive system approach to meeting your life safety needs.

What Sets Our Exit Signs Apart From The Competition?

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Crafting a professional work environment that projects an image of security and progressive style creates value in office environments. Exit signs that do not detract from an office's interior design contribute to the quality of the work environment. Our products are beautiful to behold and are designed to not yellow or fade during their 25-year design life. Craftsmanship in their design and construction and the use of quality components in their manufacturing ensure that their appearance and performance will last for decades.

The National Research Council of Canada has done studies that found higher photoluminescent performance provided higher levels of life safety. Safe Glow® products feature industry leading photoluminescent performance to maximize life safety.

The Canadian NRC study determined that more photoluminescent surface area was beneficial and improved the visibility of egress signs and markers during power failures or in heavy smoke. Safe Glow embraces the findings of the study and has developed exit signs with 60 to 100% more glowing surface area than many of our competitors.

UL listed exit signs work with both LED and fluorescent lighting.

Safe Glow is confident in the quality that all of our products are made with. Safe Glow strives to provide old-fashioned American craftsmanship with every product we manufacture. That is why we offer a warranty that covers our products from defects in material craftsmanship for 5/3 years on all interior/exterior products.

All Safe Glow products are non–toxic, non–radioactive, and contain no phosphorus, lead, or any other hazardous element or chemicals.

No electricity, no batteries, no maintenance and only visual testing allows our exit signs to be reliable, energy efficient and a time saver for your engineering department.

All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. By buying American made products, you can create more jobs and help the American economy regain its health. We, in turn, buy all of the supplies we can from companies who manufacture in the U.S.A.

The photoluminescent material used in Safe Glow’s products is believed to have unlimited charge/discharge cycles and to be capable of lasting indefinitely. Given this, Safe Glow has focused on using the highest quality components in our products to assure a long life. We use ultra clear carrier resigns to seal and protect the PL material, high-grade polycarbonate and acrylic face material that is UV-resistant to prevent yellowing. Every component used in our products are selected with quality and lifespan as top priorities.