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Low-Level Products Safe Glow low-level arow and path marker strip

Safe Glow® photoluminescent low-level directional arrows and path markers blend handsomely into upscale interiors until needed. When power is lost, or in hallways darkened by smoke, these products offer superior photoluminescent performance to help direct the occupants of your building to the nearest point of egress. Brighter performance equates to improved life safety, and no other products provide brighter or longer-lasting photoluminescent performance than Safe Glow.

Safe Glow photoluminescent low-level products exceed the strict standards established by UL 1994 for the safe operation of low-level path markings and lighting systems. These products also surpass the performance requirements of the 2009 NFPA Life Safety 101 and International Building Codes. Their energy saving features allow them to charge with ambient light and glow for many hours when lighting is lost.

Photoluminescent Low-Level Directional Arrows

These attractive photoluminescent low-level directional arrows are designed to work hand-in-hand with our photoluminescent exit signs and low-level path marker strips to provide a directional indicator to the nearest point of egress. This provides reinforcement to evacuees that they are heading the right direction, which helps minimize panic.

Safe Glow photoluminescent low-level directional arrows share the same attractive design fundamentals and performance as our UL listed exit signs.

Safe Glow’s photoluminescent low-level directional arrows feature:

(view performance chart)

High performance photoluminescent low-level directional arrow. Available with green or red arrow over photoluminescent background.


Performance: view chart

Sides: Single sided

Dimensions: Ellipse 6-¼” H x 4-¾” W x ¼” D

Recommended spacing: 25 feet

Weight: 5 ounces

Mounting Options: Wall

Price $85.00 ea      



Legend 1



Safe Glow LLA-01G






Safe Glow LLA-01R






Note 1: Arrow points left or right based on mounting orientation

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